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August 10
C is for - Collaboration, Community & Conference! What to expect tomorrow at #spsdctc

​How many times in life have you come across the phrase "If you're not going to do it right, it's not worth doing"? If you're reading this you probably deal with technology, how many times have you been told or told others that they don't understand how complicated it is to create something that runs as expected?

C is for Collaboration

The SharePoint Infrastructure is about supporting the style of collaborative working that is becoming popular, and required to achieve productivity goals today.

C is for Community

The SharePoint Community is about opening the discussion to as many voices as possible and creating world wide institutional knowledge, voluntarily!

C is for Conference

The SharePoint Saturday Conference was created because there was demand that a group of determined volunteers felt they could meet. I know Washington DC is one of the largest technological centers in the world, and home for a vast amount of SharePoint development, but it surpised me today ... this is a real conference! Watching other volunteers swirling around NVCC today, on top of the months of preparation, I thought about how amazing all of the SharePoint Saturday, community run Code Camps, and other volunteer events really are. As if one day wasn't complicated enough I hope that you'll see that things have "been done right". There will be room for improvement, but don't be surprised when you see these great pieces...




Amazing, real conference boothes

(don't worry Jen told me she's good at negotiating)






An entire Gym turned into an exhibit hall.

Thank You Hollis for all of your great work!



​And ofcourse great bags with a mug, pad, and lots of good stuff



​Image coming soon...

I would've been flogged if I posted it tonight




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