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August 10
A Few Last Minute Thoughts

Well.  It's here - SharePoint Saturday - The Conference is a reality.

As you get ready to travel here by car, plane, train, boat, ​Tardis, starship, LOTR Great Eagle, etc. - you're coming to be a part of an incredible event.  Or, as Greg Hurlman says in his blog SharePoint Saturday - What is It, and Why Do We Do It? - a miracle.

Did you know that this ENTIRE event is being put on by volunteers?  Yes, we did reach out to professional services - but all the manpower to plan this out, set up the website, send out the emails, and work out the nearly 400-session-always-changing-never-seems-to-be-finished schedule was donated by volunteers.   All of the speakers travel on their own dime - people take vacation hours from work to volunteer - and our sponsors have been willing to work with us as we've sometimes been challenged to get answers to them during the business day while working fulltime jobs and keeping our bosses happy.

So when you're going to all-day workshops that would cost thousands of dollars elsewhere - or enjoying a session by a speaker that is invited worldwide to help companies with SharePoint - or visiting our sponsors in the Exhibit Hall (which is AWESOME BTW) - make sure to stop and think about what it took to put this on.  If you are having a great time, tell someone - we'd love to get the feedback.  If you see something that could improve, let us know - we want to continue to make this better.

But most of all - remember that the SharePoint Saturday community is one of the most unique organizations in the technical community - and that it happens because of those of us involved do this as a gift.



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