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August 06
SharePoint Got Talent @ #SPSTCDC



We know that the SharePoint community is oozing with extraordinary talent apart from building large farms and deploying solutions. To showcase this, we are inviting #SPSTCDC attendees, speakers, sponsors to join "SharePoint Got Talent" this Friday night, Aug 12,  at #SPSTCDC from 8.30pm ET to 9.30pm ET:

 - We are looking for 8 contestants (individuals or groups) to participate

 - You can showcase any talent you want (ie singing, dancing, custom branding SharePoint sites, etc) as long as it's legal

 - You have 3-5 mins to perform in front of a  live audience

 - It will be held at the auditorium/theater of the #SPSTCDC venue 

 - There's a laptop, projector, microphone on stage. If you need any other equipment (ie musical instrument) you have to bring it yourself

 - You will be judged by a panel of experts

 - The winner of SharePoint Got Talent will receive $250 Gift Card


To participate, send me an email with the following information:

- The talent you/your group will perform

- Equipment you will be using


Lastly, the event will be livestreamed so the rest of the world will see that SharePoint Got Talent!


Update: Here are the contestants:



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